Committed with our work.

We are a serious and motivated engineering company. Our services stand out in the area of production lines in the automotive field.


When you put your trust in us, a professional engineering company, we want you to feel the peace of mind that your project is going to end the way you had plan since the beginning. Without worries.


We adapt ourselves to the standard and needs of our client to carry out their programming projects.

Electrical and mechanical installation and assembly in automation lines

We provide qualified manpower to realize the electrical and mechanical installation and assembly.

Assembly and study of electrical closets

Installation of electrical closets for the automation field. We make a complete study of your equipment, electrical closets and electrical distribution to advise you about the existing risks and make sure that you receive the best service.

Engineering, electrical and mechanical development

Planning, documentation and management of automation projects. Making of E-Plan documents and CAD/CAE design to define and optimize your installation.

Material selling

Component and material selling for electrical and mechanical installations.

About Eng-U

With the goal of making our job better that the competence, ENG-U places itself as a safe value.


The commitment with our client target merges with our own one, in a way that effectiveness, efficacy, a perfect resources management and an impeccable time handling become the only way to carry out our job.


Accomplished projects

C519 Ford Focus

L551 Range Rover evoque

L550 Range Rover Discovery Sport

CX482 Ford Kuga 2018

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