The name of ENG-U comes from the combination of the words Engineering For You, a fusion that includes the engineering and proximity concepts that we want to convey when we offer our service.


We are committed with you at 100%. Our target is to achieve every deadline with all the effectiveness.


Why we are your company?

Turnkey solutions

We are specialized offering complete solutions with a fixed price. We take care about the resources management once the offer has been accepted and we make sure that there are no changes or mishaps.


We know that every company has got its own needs, and it is because of that, that we make a previous study to investigate which is the best option for your company. Due to this flexibility we can offer you the best solution to optimize your projects.

Professionality and experience

Our expertise and our commitment to satisfy the requirements of our clients make us the perfect business partner for your company.

More than an engineering company

We are a serious and experimented company in the automation field. We offer solutions for your company challenges and we have widely trained engineers that will give an outcome to the different needs that your project could require in the established times.

Nicolás Pardavila Pino

ENG-U Founder and Programming Dept. Manager.

Carlos Hervás Alcover

ENG-U Founder and Electrical Dept. Manager.

Joan Paredes Adam

ENG-U Founder and Mechanical Dept. Manager.

Customers who trust on us

We want to be your choice to carry out your project